How to find Scholarships (High School Students)?

Question by Melina™ <3: How to find Scholarships (High School Students)?
I’m a sophmore in high school and i was wondering how can i uncover/get scholarships. I’ve heard that there are thousands of scholarships but exactly where can i uncover them? I’ve heard of scholarships that you can get just for playing an instrument, becoming left hand and etc.
thank you soooooooooooooo considerably in advanced :)

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Answer by Brittni O_o
Your best bet would be nearby scholarships. You can locate them by talking to a school counselor or adviser. I tried but never ever had any luck. Given that you are a sophomore you nonetheless have time to join organizations that will support you get scholarships. Any school organization will support. Also, figuring out what you want to key in provides you an edge. Some scholarships are just for Nursing Degrees or Organization Degrees…ect. If you have decided which college you want to attend appear at their scholarships, which should be on the internet.

Tip: Write 1 genuinely good essay about your objectives and why you deserve a particular scholarship. Then you can substitute names and tweak it to fit several essay requirements for a scholarship.

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