Can you get scholarships after high school?

Question by Gizmo916: Can you get scholarships right after high school?
My question is a little vague, let me elaborate:

I’m an idiot and did not take in the opportunities to apply for scholarships in high school. Graduation is soon and i’m beginning to regret not taking the monetary benefits scholarships can give for me. I’m what men and women call a late bloomer and has just taken action to solidify my post high school life. What i’ve been wondering is if scholarships are available to students in community colleges, or is in a 4 year college already?

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There are scholarships you can still apply for.

Here are some:
Massive Dig Scholarship


Freedom from Religion Foundation Student Essay Contests

Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

New York Education Foundation Scholarship

The Lincoln Forum Scholarship Prize Essay Contest

Negative Population Growth Scholarship Contest


College Is Energy Scholarship

The Dollar Times Scholarship

Crosslites Scholarship Contest

The GoCollege Lucky Draw Scholarship

There are other people, but I’m too lazy to kind them all. =)
But here are other web sites you can go to locate a lot more:

Very good Luck!

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  1. Absolutely, you have options for scholarships. Here’s a few that I have applied to in the past:

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